Jun 28, 2013

Autumn Season at South Korea

One of my favorite  place is South KOREA
I wish can go to KOREA soon, Insyallah
Previously, mak and abang fiza ada ajak pegi KOREA tapi masa tu sombong sangat..ekeke
Masa tu mak siap offer nk sponsor lagi..tapi ntah kenapa tak excited nk g..
Dalam banyak2 musim yang ada di South Korea, Fiza insist sangat nk g time Autumn...
Sebelum-sebelum ni teringin nk g time winter ala ala winter sonata gituww, tapi masa g Paris & London dah merasa nikmat dan azab while snow...so skang nk merasa autumn plak...sure dpt amik gambar yang cantik dan menarik kan..


(September to November*) is probably the best time of year in Korea. The weather is cooler and dryer, but still pleasantly warm and sunny. As the season progresses, the leaves change colors and harvesting begins. Fall is the time of Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving. At this time of year, you’ll find crisp, sweet apples in the market along with the unique Korean pear (known in North America as the Asian pear), huge purple grapes and the fragrance of roasting chestnuts and gingko nuts on the streets. One of the most important autumn events is Kimjang – the time for making kimchi. Families get together still to prepare this unique fermented dish according to their traditional family recipes. Fall kimchi is considered by many Koreans to be the best kimchi of the year. Fall is also a wonderful to go out of Seoul and explore Korea. The weather is great and the countryside is beautiful.

Ok, malam ni boleh mimpi and feeling2 berada di South Korea..


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